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If Bruce Lee were around today, he'd be rocking the EveryMan Brief. Well, he'd probably spring for the PrimeMan version, which features Micro Modal rather than Bamboo Rayon. But luckily for people without Bruce Lee's income, our fine thread Bamboo Rayon/Lycra blend is still a trillion (give or take) times softer and more breathable than cotton.

From Kung Fu to whatever you love to do, the leg freedom of the EveryMan Brief invites you to do even more. You won't skip leg day again. You don't skip things you're excited about. But you will skip with glee when you experience our proprietary anatomical pouch first-hand.

Rather than a general shape, our pouch is designed to form the penis and testicles, offering dreamy soft support that no other underwear comes close to delivering. We'd call it innovation on par with AI and electric cars, but we don't want to downplay the difference this pouch makes to your overall comfort.

If you can kick so high that your foot hits someone looking over your shoulder - but you also want to save a few bucks - the EveryMan Brief will exceed your expectations. The most feature-packed underwear on the planet tends to do that.

Obviously Everyman Brief - 4 Colours



    SMALL 30" - 32" 75 - 80
    MEDIUM 34" - 36" 85 - 90
    LARGE 38" - 40" 95 - 100
    XLARGE 42" - 44" 105 - 110
    2XLARGE 46" - 48" 115 - 120
    3XLARGE 50" - 52" 125 - 130
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