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Light Up Hightop Shoes, rechargable and include USB charging cable.


The shoes light up in the follwing colours:

Below when lit up they are Solid colours and do not flash on this setting.


- Red 

- Neon Green

- Blue

- Yellow

- Aqua

- Purple / Violet


Below please note it is specified whether flashing ocurs and if there is option of solid / non flashing colour also


- White with option of solid or flashing

- Blue, Green & Red flashing through these 3 colors.


Perfect for partywear, just to be a little more extra or just wear them anywhere! 


Available in Gold, Silver or Black.

Light Up Hightop Shoe

  • Please ensure you select your size carefully.

    If you are someone who for would fluctuate between a (example) **EU42** and **EU43** , we would recommend going the bigger size.

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