Super sexy boxer-briefs by Modus Vivendi. The Transparent Boxer is made from topquality, lightweight, transparent mesh in three different colourways. Contour pouch withmatching blue or red lining. Branded waistband. A bold, provocative design whichwill leave your valuables concealed and everything else daringly revealed.

Modus Vivendi - Transparent Boxer - Red or Blue

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  • Modus Vivendi


    Waist Sizing Chart

    Small: 28–30 inch waist / 73–78cm

    Medium: 30-32 inch waist / 78-83cm

    Large: 32-34 inch waist / 83-88cm

    Extra Large: 34-34 inch waist / 88-93cm


    Chest Sizing Chart

    Small: 34-36 inch chest / 81-96cm

    Medium: 35-41 inch chest / 90-103cm

    Large: 38-45 inch chest / 96-115cm

    Extra Large: 42-47 inch chest / 102-120cm


    • Most of our fabrics also include Elastane, so if you measure your chest 96cm, for a tighter fit order size Medium, or for a more relaxed fit order size Large.