Bucolic fashion at its best! The Tiger line will light up your wardrobe this season. The Modus
Vivendi Tiger Jockstrap features the classic Modus Vivendi logo on the waistband. The main body of the underwear is made of faux fur fabric.
This jockstrap design presents a very sexy and functional undergarment, ideal for people
who love unique textures or trend seekers.

Modus Vivendi - Tiger Jockstrap - Black

AU$42.00 Regular Price
AU$30.00Sale Price
Colour: Black

Modus Vivendi


Waist Sizing Chart

Small: 28–30 inch waist / 73–78cm

Medium: 30-32 inch waist / 78-83cm

Large: 32-34 inch waist / 83-88cm

Extra Large: 34-34 inch waist / 88-93cm


Chest Sizing Chart

Small: 34-36 inch chest / 81-96cm

Medium: 35-41 inch chest / 90-103cm

Large: 38-45 inch chest / 96-115cm

Extra Large: 42-47 inch chest / 102-120cm


  • Most of our fabrics also include Elastane, so if you measure your chest 96cm, for a tighter fit order size Medium, or for a more relaxed fit order size Large.