Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner beast!
Take your pouch game to the next level with the XCURV pouch. It maximises comfort and freedom and gives you an extreme boost where it counts!

Model is 189cm and 87kg wearing a size M


  • Single layered pouch for more freedom and comfort
  • XCURV pouch which gives extreme pouch boost and extra support without being restrictive
  • Super fun fit to accentuate your pelvic (V) line and glutes
  • Label-less to reduce irritation

Material: 90% Polyamide, 10% Spandex

Supawear POW Jockstrap Underwear - Yellow Beast

  • Do

    • Wash with cold water. 
    • Use gentle cycle.
    • Use colour safe detergent.
    • Turn undies inside out when washing
    • Hang dry in the shade (in warm/hot climates)
    • Wash with light colours


    • Do not bleach
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not dry clean
  • As A Guide
    Zara, Abercrombie, Addicted(Spain) & CK will be the same sizing match to our brand. If you wear Toots(Japan) our sizing is bigger so you will need to go down a size. If you wear Aussiebum our sizing is smaller so you need to go up a size.

    Hip Size Guide
    Our underwear is designed to sit low on the hips. So its only right to measure your hips instead of your waist. If this is your first time buying SUPAWEAR we recommend going up a size. 







    28 - 29

    30 - 31

    32 - 33

    34 - 35

    36 - 37

    38 - 39

    71 - 74

    75 - 79

    80 - 84 

    85 - 90 

    91 - 94

    95 - 99