Color your world with the Peace line. The Modus Vivendi Peace Jockstrap is made from
ribbed cotton elastane fabric. This jockstrap features the MV logo on the front side of the
elasticated waistband which has the colors of the peace flag. Available red & fuchsia; we are pretty sure that these vivid pops of color will be a hit.

Modus Vivendi Peace Jockstrap


Modus Vivendi


Waist Sizing Chart

Small: 28–30 inch waist / 73–78cm

Medium: 30-32 inch waist / 78-83cm

Large: 32-34 inch waist / 83-88cm

Extra Large: 34-34 inch waist / 88-93cm


Chest Sizing Chart

Small: 34-36 inch chest / 81-96cm

Medium: 35-41 inch chest / 90-103cm

Large: 38-45 inch chest / 96-115cm

Extra Large: 42-47 inch chest / 102-120cm


  • Most of our fabrics also include Elastane, so if you measure your chest 96cm, for a tighter fit order size Medium, or for a more relaxed fit order size Large.