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You love the idea of working out naked, but it's just not practical. And not just because of society either. Your junk flops around, and it's chafe city. Not only do both make the current workout less effective, you'll probably be in some pain when you tackle the next one too.


The PrimeMan Jockstrap fixes that problem by delivering the magic of working out commando - minus the flopping. Our anatomically shaped pouch is what we're famous for, crafted to match the contour of your penis and testicles to keep things nestled in place. The Micro Modal/Lycra blend is so soft, it's even more comfortable than being naked. It's also a natural antibacterial and moisture-wicking fabric, making every high-end thread the ultimate workout partner.


And we know what you're thinking: how are the straps? From the silky smooth waistband (that securely stays low on the hips) to the elastic straps that comfortably cup each cheek, you won't believe how much better these are than any jockstrap you've tried before. We know, because we tested them all personally - and came up with the absolute best available: the PrimeMan Jockstrap.

Obviously Primeman - Jockstrap