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The Sistine Chapel. The Statue of Liberty. The Parthenon. The PrimeMan Brief. They're known for an unmatched design, and hailed worldwide for being better than anything that came before.

If you have thicker or more muscular thighs, get ready to be awed. The anatomical pouch keeps things supported, together, unmashed and adjustments unneeded. The Micro Modal/Lycra blend is so soft, so anti-bacterial and moisture wicking, it's life-changing. Your legs are free to move freely and breathe freely, just as nature intended. And the silky waistband stays in place without constriction.

Don't be surprised if a single tear of both joy and relief escapes your eye as you put these on. Beautiful things tend to do that.

Select a color that inspires you, and get ready for our proprietary AnatoMAX pouch. But know that whatever you're imagining, the PrimeMan Brief will somehow - like the other architectural and artistic achievements of mankind - exceed your expectations.