Show the other version of yourself wearing the Tiffany`s Velvet line.


The Modus Vivendi Tiffany's Velvet Shirt available in wine red features a posh design with
a metallic freefall MV logo on the back.


This shirt offers a Modus Vivendi muscle fit style you can wear in any occasion.

Ultra-masculine, sturdy and super comfortable this shirt has two pockets, and closes with a vertical line of shiny buttons.


Made in Greece from semi transparent sheered based velvet fabric and with tartan design details.


 The shirt is soft, naturally cozy, and has a luxury feeling. For the man who doesn’t belong to anyone, yet is constantly in love!


Polyester 92%

Elastan 8%

Washing machine: 40°C

Modus Vivendi - Tiffany's Velvet Shirt - Wine Red


Small: 34-36 inch chest / 81-96cm

Medium: 35-41 inch chest / 90-103cm

Large: 38-45 inch chest / 96-115cm

Extra Large: 42-47 inch chest / 102-120cm