The Modus Vivendi Camouflage C-Through T-Shirt, available in black and white colors,
is all the way c-through and has a discreet Modus Vivendi logo on the back. Manufactured
with perfection in mind this shirt is slim fitting and styled to visually tease everyone around
you. This camo shirt is perfect for fashionistas and for the man who dares to dream and make
the changes happen.

Modus Vivendi - Mesh Camouflage Shirt - Black

  • Small - 28-30 inch waist, 34-36 inch chest.

    Medium - 30-32 inch waist, 35-41 inch chest.

    Large - 32-34 inch waist, 38-45 inch chest.

    Extra Large - 34-36 inch waist, 42-47 inch chest.